Because music has such a wide variety of instruments and playing styles, we have a teacher for each instrument and general styles the student may be interested in. Each of our instructors has years of training in their respective field and has taught here for some time to students of all ages. Although all of our instructors teach the basic techniques of playing, the teacher will enhance each music lesson or singing lesson with more specialized instruction.

For information or appointments, please call or email the instructors directly.
Instructor references are available upon request.

Other styles and instrument lessons are available.
Call us at 925-937-1375 for details.

Please Review our Lesson Policy below.

Jeff MacDonald
Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele & Trumpet
Working Musician, performing a wide variety of music/styles. All styles of music taught. Emphasis on basics, chord knowledge, note reading, improv, theory and song writing. Instructing students of all ages for the past 25 years. Great with kids. First lesson is free.
Call: 925-550-2302

Nicole Mortmore
Piano, Violin, Voice
Call: 925-788-4822

Gerry Kennett
Drums, Harmonica (both Blues Harp and Standard Style)
Many years of playing and teaching experience in almost every type of drumming and plays frequently with all kinds of combos. Instruction is tailored to individual needs from basic set technique to electronic, computer environments. From rock to jazz and school band to classic drumming. All levels of players. Always a friendly, concerned attitude.
Call: 925-671-7015

Max Pricco
Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute
Well-known performer, University and Conservatory Graduate in music with further study in Europe. Member of the California Music Educators Association. Established instructor of children as well as adults from school band students to professional musicians. Experienced in teaching basic rudiments through classics and advanced jazz.
Call: 925-676-8203

Bill and Wylea Hobbs
Professional Piano Instructors. Bill has been a professor of music, played on TV and with celebrities and loves to teach along with his wife. The Hobbs are members of the Music Teachers Association and Piano Testing Organizations. The Hobbs are a piano teaching family for students of all ages, both children and adults. The Hobbs continue to have recitals at the Lesher Center and Happy Piano Parties for children. Parents are invited to relax and enjoy the children's lessons. A great many of the Hobbs adult students learn the standard classics, popular music and Jazz styles.
Call: 925-756-6937

Cello lessons and other piano teachers available.
Call store for details: 925-937-1375

Lesson Policy:
We strive to create a conducive environment for all of our students. In order to maintain structure for all students we have developed this lesson policy. For additional information on individual instructors policies, you may contact the instructor directly.

Lessons are per month for four to five lessons; one per week. The appointed time is reserved for the student for the entire month. Most lessons are available six days a week, some mornings and evenings, and can be scheduled by phone.

The 5th Week:
When the lesson falls on the fifth week of each month, there is usually a lesson unless the instructor should inform the student otherwise. This lesson is charged as an additional week.

Make-ups & Missed Lessons:
Make-ups may be made if the student misses a lesson and if the instructor has an opening. Credits are only given in cases of illness or 24 hours notice by the student. If the student does not show up for the lesson, the instructor was not notified, or the instructor does not have another opening, the lesson cannot be credited.

In order to create a stable learning situation, the student will need about 1/2 hour a day to practice. Furthermore, the student will need to show up on a regular basis for each scheduled lesson.

Aside from the instrument, materials such as music books are minimal and may be purchased from the store. If you do not have an instrument, we can rent or sell you one at a reasonable price.

Method of Payment:
Music lessons can be paid for by cash, check, or credit cards. If special consideration has been made and the student does not pay by the second lesson, they may be dropped. Lessons are paid directly to the instructor.