We are focused on renting quality instruments at reasonable prices. Our program is designed to be as flexible as possible for the customer.

Prices are based on a one month rental and are subject to change.
We have other instruments... Please ask!
If you need instruments for a full band, contact us and we would be glad to set up a program for you.


Rental Agreement
The rental fee for our instruments is charged one month at a time at the beginning of each rental month. There is no obligation to rent the instrument beyond the specified monthly rental period, or to buy the instrument, although you may for any cost difference. A debit or credit card number will be held on file for monthly rental payments. Within the paid rental period, you may exchange your instrument for another available instrument at no additional charge.

We will sell you the needed items required to use and maintain your instruments when you rent it, including music instruction book(s). If you have any problems with the instrument not associated with renters error, we will promptly replace it at no additional charge to you.

Damage or Loss
If there is repair or maintenance needed to the instrument because of renters error, there will be a minimal charge for the repair or maintenance. If the instrument is lost or stolen we will gladly apply the rental fees already paid towards the cost of the instrument. Insurance is available on some instruments if you wish.